Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe Weddings

The Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe is a beautiful destination if you’re planning to host your Pittsburgh wedding southwest of the city. The Grand Ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn can host a variety of receptions ranging in size, and can also accommodate indoor and outdoor weddings. One of my favorite features at this venue is the Washington Garden Courtyard. Their courtyard area serves as the central location for outdoor ceremonies and is also an ideal spot for mid-day creative wedding portraits. The combination of the courtyard’s central stone area, adjacent grassy lawn, ceremony pergola, benches & walkways provide a wide array of elements that I creatively utilize when taking wedding portraits. The convenience of having this courtyard area for picture taking is a big advantage. Not only does this save time on having to travel to another location in Southpointe after the ceremony for portraits but its also rivals any other scenic spot that you’re going to find in the Southpointe business park.

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Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe Wedding Day

There’s not a lot of other picture-taking locations in and around the Southpointe business park that are open to the public. Much of the nicely landscaped areas around the Hilton Garden Inn are in fact private corporate properties, monitored by security. There’s nothing worse than getting set up to take pictures of a bridal party on private grounds, only to be stopped by a roaming security officer! Having the ability to quickly and efficiently shoot the mid-day photos at the hotel without having to factor in additional travel not only keeps your schedule on track but also maximizes the volume of photographs I’m able to capture during the wedding cocktail hour (a very nice advantage). The bridal suites at The Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe also provide a beautiful setting for capturing natural lit candids & details shots of your getting ready prep before your ceremony. Overall, the Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe is an excellent hotel destination for wedding photography and offers a variety of wedding packages to fit your size and style of wedding. Below you can see some of my wedding day photography at The Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe.