The Bride Guide To a Calm Wedding Morning

I totally get how crazy the morning of your wedding can be. I’ve photographed wedding day mornings of all shapes & sizes It’s this huge buildup, and suddenly, you’re waking up on the big day feeling a jumble of excitement and nerves. People are coming and going, there’s a tight schedule, and with all those emotions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, to help you “keep calm” and make your wedding morning as relaxed and fun as possible, I’ve gathered a few bridal tips for keeping things calm. They’ll help you stay in the moment and enjoy it all.

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Get a Head Start on Sleep

Start by hitting the hay early the night before. With all the excitement and jitters, it might take a while to doze off, so consider getting some shut-eye earlier than your usual bedtime for a well-rested night. So cue up a soothing playlist to ease you into a peaceful sleep.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

I get it, lots of brides get all jittery and forget to eat in the morning. But trust me, having a good, healthy breakfast is super important to keep you going throughout the day. How about a yummy layered breakfast bowl with fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola? Pair that with a calming herbal tea, and you’ll be all set. Try to avoid the greasy and heavy stuff; they can make you feel a bit queasy and bloated, especially if those wedding day nerves are in full swing. If you’re staying at the venue or a hotel, make sure to order breakfast for room service the night before to make it hassle-free.”

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Hang Up Your Dress & Layout Your Accessories

Make sure your dress is up hanging neatly. I also recommend removing it from its plastic & cardboard packaging ahead of time. Also be mindful of a nice looking hanger you would like to have in your wedding dress photos.  Next, make sure your shoes are ready (check for any stickers on the soles!), and your accessories, jewelry, and garter are all laid out. Don’t forget to remove the labels from your new items! You can do the same for your bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories as well. This way, your wedding photographer can capture those essential detail shots without bothering you, and everything will be set for you to slip into once your hair and makeup are done. If you’re bringing a small clutch with essentials, have it ready to go as well. Having as much of these items prepped & ready the night before well help alleviate a stressful morning.

Smart Planning for Hair and Makeup

When you schedule your hair and makeup trials, make sure to note how long they actually take. This will help you plan your wedding day schedule effectively. Also, double-check what you need to do to prep your hair and skin before the stylists and makeup artists show up; sometimes, it’s best to wash your hair the night before. Confirm the timeline with your hair and makeup team, and make sure your bridal party knows who goes first to avoid any mix-ups. And remember, test any new beauty products well in advance to steer clear of any unexpected reactions on the big day!”

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Take A Break From Planning

A few days before your big day, make sure to confirm all the timings with your vendors and your bridal party. This way, you won’t have to stress about any last-minute planning or organizing on the morning of your wedding. If you’re DIY-ing some items, arranging flowers, or handling decor, ensure everything is prepped and in place ahead of time. If you need to check the venue or set up, tackle it first to get it off your plate. And don’t forget to have cash for any on-the-day vendors ready in envelopes, which you can hand over to a trusted member of your bridal party.

Give Yourself Some Buffer Time

Don’t forget to build in extra time in your wedding day schedule. You definitely don’t want to feel stressed if things run a bit late! Our suggestion: aim to be fully ready at least an hour before your ceremony kicks off. This way, you can stay relaxed and enjoy the company of your bridal party, instead of rushing at the last minute. If you’re planning a first look with your mom, dad, or partner, need to distribute bridal party gifts, or just want to savor a glass of bubbly, make sure to allocate some extra time for those moments. And if you’re heading to your ceremony or doing a first look, leave with plenty of time to spare, just in case there’s any traffic or unexpected hiccups along the way.

Pick Your Inner Circle

Create a Supportive Inner Circle If you’re dealing with anxiety, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with people who have a calming influence on you. Whether it’s your mom, your bridal party, or your partner, choose those who help you feel at ease. You’ll likely have vendors like hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, or a wedding planner in the room with you during your preparations, so make sure you have a comfortable and natural rapport with them. For any other visitors, kindly request that they be mindful of your time by leaving a note on the door. Appoint a trusted member of your bridal party or your planner to handle questions and alleviate last-minute worries, allowing you to fully enjoy your special day.

The more calm & relaxed you are heading into picture taking, the more it’s going to be reflected in your expression. My approach is to always make picture taking stress-free and comfortable. Not sure how to stand, pose or act in photos? Not to worry! I’m an excellent coach when it comes to posing you comfortably through shots and I also do my best in helping you manage time in keeping your day on track! The only things I’ll ask of you is relax and enjoy the moment!

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Final Thoughts

Staying calm and relaxed on your wedding day is a game-changer. This is the day when your love story hits that epic high note. Amidst all the excitement, the hustle and bustle, and the spotlight on you, finding those zen moments is like finding gold. When you stay cool, you not only get to soak in every beautiful detail but also exude that laid-back charm that’ll leave everyone touched. Your wedding is like a chapter in your love story, and in those relaxed pages, you’ll find the most awesome memories that’ll warm your hearts forever.