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Every couple planning photography around their wedding should consider an engagement photo shoot. Not only can it be something to commemorate this milestone together as a couple but it can be a wonderful warmup practice session for your wedding day photography. Planning a wedding can often be hectic and stressful and an engagement session can provide a nice break to relax & spend an evening together. If you’re beginning your process of researching Pittsburgh engagement photographers, below is a helpful guide to planning your upcoming engagement photo session.

What’s The Benefits of Engagement Pictures?

Engagement picture sessions are a great way to see how your photographer works & communicates.  Once you’ve narrowed down your Pittsburgh engagement photographers search and have found your photographer, the next step is deciding on an optional engagement shoot. This can be a great opportunity to break the ice with your photographer as you walk, talk & shoot pictures throughout the session. You can get a sense of their artistic vision as well as how they coach you through the posing process. Essentially this can be a dry run for how the picture taking process will unfold on your wedding day. From my feedback with couples they often expressed feeling much more at ease and confident when their wedding day rolls around. Having that peace of mind cannot be understated.

Capturing memories of this special life milestone. Engagement photos can pair wonderfully with your wedding day pictures, documenting the time you shared together as an engaged couple. In the years to come this will be a wonderful moment to look back on as an early couple.

Think of your engagement session as a date night. Treating this session like a fun date night experience will make it all the more special. The more calm & relaxed you are throughout the session, the better your natural expressions throughout your photos will be! I also suggest planning something fun after the session like dinner or a movie. Treat that evening as a fun escape from the grind of your wedding planning.

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Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer | Matthew Blassey

Camera Shy? Overcoming Awkwardness

Feeling awkward in front of the camera is natural, but it quickly fades away with the right approach:

Interact Naturally: Engage with each other during the shoot. Candid moments and genuine laughter make for the most captivating photos. Just be yourself.

Professional Guidance: A professional & skilled Pittsburgh engagement photographer will make you feel at ease throughout the session. Their expertise helps you forget the camera and focus on your connection.

Pet Inclusion: If you’re pet parents, consider involving your furry companions for heartwarming shots. Just ensure someone is present to look after them.

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Tips for Stylish & Confident Engagement Photoshoot Attire

When preparing for your engagement photoshoot, the clothing you choose plays a crucial role in how comfortable and confident you feel during the session. Here are some key guidelines to help you select the perfect attire for your special day:

Prioritize Comfort: Opting for comfortable clothing is paramount. When you feel at ease in what you’re wearing, your confidence naturally shines through in your photos. Stick to outfits that reflect your personal style and that you’re accustomed to wearing. If you’re considering purchasing something new for the occasion, make sure to allow ample time for fittings and getting accustomed to the attire.

Complementary Colors, Not Matching: Instead of wearing identical outfits, aim for complementary colors and styles. While matching outfits can sometimes make you blend together, choosing colors and clothing that enhance each other’s appearance can create a harmonious and visually appealing result. Experiment with one person wearing neutral tones like black, white, grey, or earthy browns, while the other person opts for more vibrant colors. Utilizing color theory to pick complementary hues can also result in striking combinations.

Embrace Vivid Colors: Incorporating at least one vivid color can truly make your images pop. Saturated colors not only look stunning in the photographs but can also be accentuated during the editing process for a dramatic effect. Vibrant shades such as red, orange, yellow, and blue are often chosen by couples, consistently yielding impressive results.

Play with Materials and Textures: Don’t underestimate the impact of unique materials and textures on your engagement photos. Fabrics like velvet, satin, and suede can add depth and dimension to your overall look. These textures interact with light differently, adding a touch of luxury and visual interest to your photos.

Optional Second Outfit: If you’re considering a 2nd outfit option, consider selecting one that complements the vibe of your first choice. Often, couples opt for one casual ensemble and another slightly dressier option. This variation in attire can provide contrasting styles within your gallery and expand your options for capturing different moods and moments.

In essence, your engagement photoshoot attire should reflect your personalities, enhance your connection as a couple, and harmonize with the chosen location. By following these style guidelines, you’ll not only feel confident and comfortable but also ensure that your engagement photos capture the essence of your unique love story in the most visually captivating way.

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Infuse Your Engagement Photos with Personal Flair

Elevate the sentiment of your engagement pictures by injecting a dash of your personal essence into the images. The charm of engagement photos is amplified when you allow your authentic selves to shine through, even if it’s just a glimpse. It’s the little touches that can make these moments truly special. Here are some inspiring ideas to infuse your engagement session with your unique personalities:

Embrace Familiar Locations and Activities: Make your engagement photoshoot an extension of your everyday life by incorporating locations and activities you already cherish. The simplest act of including places you both enjoy spending time at can add a layer of authenticity to your images. Whether it’s a park where you have picnics or a cozy cafe you frequent, these familiar backdrops can capture the intimacy of your relationship.

Share Intimate Moments: During the engagement session, consider sharing intimate moments that reflect your connection. Engaging in activities you both enjoy can not only provide natural interactions but also evoke genuine emotions. This might involve sharing a laugh over a shared memory, engaging in a hobby you both adore, or even cooking a meal together in the comfort of your own home.

Show Your Passions: Incorporate elements that mirror your shared passions. If one of you is a guitar enthusiast, including the guitar in your session can bring out the artistic facets of your relationship. Whether it’s playing a sport, indulging in a favorite video game, or bonding over a board game, these shared hobbies can add depth and character to your photographs.

Explore the Unknown: For the adventurous souls, venturing into new territories can create enchanting engagement photos. Exploring uncharted locations that resonate with your personalities can lead to captivating images that capture the spirit of your journey together.

Relish in Culinary Delights: An in-home engagement session that involves shared activities like playing games or cooking can be heartwarming and intimate. Preparing a meal together or engaging in friendly competition over a board game can showcase the camaraderie and comfort you find in each other’s company.

Visit Favorite Spots: If there’s a coffee shop, restaurant, or any spot that holds cherished memories for you as a couple, consider incorporating these places into your photoshoot. Revisiting these locations can evoke a sense of nostalgia and encapsulate the warmth of your bond.

In essence, your engagement photos should be a true reflection of your shared journey and the unique qualities that define your relationship. By embracing these personal touches, you’ll not only create images that are visually captivating but also deeply resonate with the emotions you hold for each other.

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Engagement Photographers Pittsburgh | Matthew Blassey

Choosing the Perfect Pittsburgh Engagement Photos Location

When it comes to selecting the ideal location for your engagement pictures, determining the atmosphere you desire is key. The setting you choose can profoundly influence the mood and feel of your images. Are you envisioning a cityscape, the serenity of nature, or something more unique and specific? Let’s delve into some considerations and possibilities for your engagement session backdrop.

Defining the Vibe: Narrowing down your desired vibe is the initial step in finding the right engagement session location:

Urban Energy: Do you crave the dynamic energy of a city environment?

Nature’s Beauty: Are you drawn to the tranquility of natural landscapes?

Distinctive Charm: Perhaps you’re seeking a specific location that holds sentimental value, such as a beloved restaurant or your own home. This decision not only guides your location search but also aids your partner or photographer in scouting for the perfect spot.

Exploring the Options: Here are some remarkable engagement shoot locations to consider:

State or National Parks: These gems often feature breathtaking natural elements like waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and mountains, providing a stunning backdrop for your photos.

Local Parks: Don’t underestimate the charm of your own local park, which can harbor unexpected spots for enchanting pictures.

Coffee Shops or Restaurants: Capture your connection in places that hold personal significance, like coffee shops or restaurants, or at establishments with captivating aesthetics.

City Treasures: Your city’s unique architecture, alleyways, and street art can provide an urban and artistic backdrop.

At Home: In-home sessions are a rising trend, offering an intimate and comfortable setting for capturing your love.

Conclusion: The engagement shoot locations you choose become an essential part of the visual narrative of your love story. By aligning your desired vibe with the setting that resonates most with you as a couple, you’ll craft a collection of images that reflect your personalities, connection, and the journey you’re embarking upon together.

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Engagement Photos Frequently Asked Questions

What is your engagement photography style?

A. As a professional engagement photographer in Pittsburgh, I describe my photography style as vibrant, airy, and natural. Please check out my Pittsburgh engagement photos gallery below.

What does your engagement photography package include?

A. My Pittsburgh Engagement Photography Packages include the following:

Full-Resolution Images: Your session images, watermark free, are provided at full resolution quality, ensuring every detail is captured with brilliance.

Digital Enhancement: Each image is meticulously polished to maintain the same aesthetic that you see across my website, reflecting the visual style you fell in love with.

Physical and Digital Access: Not only do you receive online access to your images, but you’ll also receive them on a USB flash drive, allowing you to easily store and share your cherished memories.

Unrestricted Printing Privileges: Alongside a print certificate card, you’ll gain the freedom to print your images without limitations. This empowers you to relive your moments in tangible form whenever you desire.

Should I bring a change of cloths?

A. Bringing a second outfit can make a big difference in the amount of variety in your photos. Having an optional change of cloths can help break up the session. You will want to consider the location though if you decide to bring a different outfit.

Will you help us pose?

A. There’s no need for concern – many individuals have limited exposure to professional photography. My primary goal is to ensure your experience is both seamless and enjoyable. I’ll guide you every step of the way, coaching you through poses and positioning. All you need to do is be your authentic selves, and I’ll handle the rest, capturing your unique essence effortlessly.

How long is the engagement shoot take?

A. My sessions typically average around 90 minutes to 2 hours.

What is the best time of day for an engagement shoot?

A. For the most enchanting engagement pictures, aim to schedule your session just prior to the golden hour, approximately two hours before sunset. During this time, the sunlight transforms, casting a gentle, golden hue that beautifully complements skin tones while retaining its soft, warm quality.

Can I purchase an engagement session by itself?

A. You can absolutely purchase an engagement session separately. Lets chat.

What would be good locations for our Pittsburgh engagement pictures?

Check out my Pittsburgh Engagement Shoot Locations Guide.

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