Pittsburgh Wedding Photography FAQs


While you’re in the process of researching photographers for your upcoming Pittsburgh wedding, it’s natural to have a list of questions that require answers to make an informed decision about the best fit for your needs. If you’re at the initial stages of your research, I’ve put together this set of wedding photography faq – frequently asked questions to provide you with additional insights into my wedding photography style, background, & approach. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and I’ll be happy to provide you with answers!

Q. What kind of photographic style do you identify with?

A: Capturing photos during your wedding demands proficiency in various wedding photography styles. Throughout a typical wedding day, I predominantly operate within a blend of documentary and editorial styles. However, I also need to excel in still life and landscape photography, especially for elopement sessions. Additionally, I recognize the importance of including beautiful portraiture in your wedding album, and it’s essential not to overlook the traditional posed photos that hold sentimental value. If I were to categorize my strengths, I would describe myself as particularly adept in photojournalism and creative portraiture.

Q. What will my wedding day experience be like working with you?

A: I consider myself to be very patient, easy going and calm. I like to blend into your day without causing distraction and I’m always available to help direct the flow & timing of your day in a friendly manner so that all of the important shots are captured while allowing you both to maximize your time with friends and family.

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Wedding Photography FAQs | Matthew Blassey

Q. What do your wedding photography packages include?

A: Each of my wedding photography packages includes the delivery of professionally edited high-resolution digital files on a custom flash drive as well as an online proofing gallery. In addition to this core offering, I provide a range of supplementary services and tangible products to enhance your wedding photography experience. These include engagement sessions, a 2nd photographer, heirloom-quality wedding albums, beautifully printed photo collections, and much more. Don’t hesitate to inquire for additional information or challenge me to craft something unique and extraordinary.

Q: Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

A: Indeed, I’m well-versed in handling a wide range of lighting situations. I’m at ease with utilizing available natural light, which happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Alternatively, I’m equipped with a variety of lighting equipment to craft and control my own lighting when needed, which is another aspect I particularly enjoy.

Q: Do you work with a second photographer?

A: I typically operate as a sole photographer since the majority of weddings can be effectively covered with just one photographer. Nonetheless, if your wedding requires a 2nd photographer that is an available add-on option as well. When selecting a second photographer for an event, I am unwavering in my commitment to ensure that they possess extensive experience on par with my own. I firmly believe that it would be unfair to you to involve an inexperienced photographer in capturing your special day.

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Q: Can you assure that you will personally be present at the actual wedding?

A: Certainly! I am absolutely committed to being there for your wedding without exception. Not a seasonal cold or a flu would stop me from photographing your wedding at the highest professional standards.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Indeed, having extensive insurance coverage is crucial. Many venues insist on liability insurance for all wedding vendors, and it’s unlikely that they will accept claims of being a relative or close acquaintance with a camera. Therefore, having proper insurance is essential to ensure smooth operations at various wedding venues.

Q: Do you ever schedule yourself for more than one wedding on the same day or weekend?

A: Absolutely not. I firmly believe in avoiding any potential issues, so booking two weddings on the same day or weekend is out of the question. I do so to ensure the best possible service for my clients.

Q: Do you have an alternative wedding photographer in case you are unable to attend the event on the scheduled day?

A: Certainly, I maintain a network of seasoned colleagues I can reach out to, and I’m continually expanding my connections. In this profession, building a strong network is invaluable. In fact, I believe that having a wide circle of friends is a valuable principle not just in business but in life as a whole.

Q: What type of gear do you usually bring along on the day of the event?

A: I have a thorough approach to preparation, not just in photography but in life overall. When it comes to equipment, I tend to bring more than what I anticipate needing. And just when I believe I’ve packed all the essentials, I add a bit more for good measure. It’s a habit that’s served me well.

Q: Do you bring back up gear in case of equipment failures during the event?

A: Certainly, without fail. I tend to be an over-packer by nature (back up cameras, back up lenses), and I believe it’s better to be over-prepared than underprepared, especially when it comes to capturing important moments on your special day.

Wedding Photography FAQ | Pittsburgh Wedding Planning

Q: Do you charge for travel?

A: I do charge a travel fee for weddings that are beyond a 1 hour drive (one way) outside of Pittsburgh. Pending the distance my travel charge is typically within the range of $65-$100.

Q: How soon can we expect to receive the proofs from our wedding?

A: Approximately 4-5 weeks later, your proofing gallery will be accessible online. Once you’ve given your approval for the images in the proofing gallery, I will initiate the processing and shipping of your digital files.

Q: Do you maintain copyright ownership of the photographs?

A: Yes, as your professional wedding photographer, will retain the copyright for all the wedding images. Nevertheless, I will always furnish you with an official copyright release, granting you unrestricted personal use and printing rights for your wedding photos.

Q: Will our images be accessible for viewing on the internet?

A: Certainly! you’ll have access to a private online proofing gallery.

Q: What kind of wedding albums do you offer?

A: I derive immense joy from bringing your photos to vivid life, and I offer a variety of wedding album choices for you to select from. My wedding albums are designed in a lay-flat style for a visually stunning presentation. The albums are expertly crafted with either leather or silk binding, featuring photographic prints on archival paper, and they are flush-mounted to perfection. Our books are press-printed and come with custom-designed covers.

However, the true magic of these albums and books can only be fully appreciated when you see and touch them for yourself. I invite you to reach out via email, and let’s arrange a coffee meeting where you can experience their remarkable quality firsthand.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?

A: I shoot Nikon. I use a variety of Nikon professional prime lenses throughout the various sequences of the day to capture consistently sharp and beautiful images. I also use adobe lightroom to edit your images.


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