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Duquesne University Weddings | Nikki + Dominic

Nikki and Dominic planned the perfect day that went off without a hitch, beginning with their campus ceremony at Duquesne Chapel and ending at the Greenhouse Winery in Irwin, PA.

Nikki and Dom are two wonderful people, a couple not only deeply in love but also the best of friends. From the tender moments expressed during portraits to a sense of genuine excitement during their first dance, they’re a couple that isn’t shy about expressing their feelings towards one another, all while having fun in the process.

The energy that I was able to capture throughout the day through photos was so palpable. Photogenic moments just kept on coming throughout the day. Two of which bringing the two of them to tears when Nikki received a family wedding heirloom penny for her shoe as well as Dom receiving his grandfather’s wedding ring. Glad to have been there to capture those moments!

All & All, when I left their reception that night, I felt genuinely happy to have witnessed two soul mates begin a new life together, surrounded by overflowing joy & love from friends and family.

Nikki & Dom, much thanks & love for giving me the opportunity to capture your wedding day. I wish you two the very best!

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