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Sami & Andrew are a testament to when you learn to embrace the moment, have fun, and be yourselves, the picture taking process can yield some fantastic results. Sami had searched out this hidden gem of a spot for their Collier Panhandle Trail Engagement Session, and it turned out to be such a pleasant surprise. Often for my engagement sessions, if a couple doesn’t suggest a favorite spot, I tend to lean on familiar locations that I know like the back of my hand. It’s always exciting to come across new destinations from soon-to-be brides like Sami because it brings me out of my comfort zone, and more often than not I get the opportunity to capture striking images & compositions I would never have thought to explore otherwise!

collier_Panhandle Trail_engagement session

Panhandle Trail Engagement Session Photography

Sami & Andrew approached their Panhandle trail engagement session kind of like an intimate date in a way (aside from my camera chaperoning of course). These two showed up relaxed and just ready to have a good time; and because of that mindful attitude going in, it laid the groundwork for so many images I love.

collier_Panhandle Trail_engagement sessioncollier_Panhandle Trail_engagement session
We only explored about a 1/2 mile of the trail, yet within that short distance there was a plethora of scenic backdrops playing beautifully into the shots; including things like a walking bridge, gentle stream, and three-story rock wall. The overall trail itself extends for a length of 29 miles, connecting South Western Pennsylvania to the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. It occupies an abandoned railroad corridor, formally known as the Panhandle route, which today is a bicycle and walking trail (little fun fact). Its the ideal secluded trail if you’re looking to escape the daily norms of cars, people & noise 🙂

collier_Panhandle Trail_engagement session

Collier Panhandle Trail Engagement Session Photos

I couldn’t be more excited for Sami & Andrew’s wedding this year! Below are some favorites from their Fall Collier Panhandle Trail Engagement Session – Autumn is always going to be my favorite time of year for portraits.


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