Circuit Center and Ballroom Weddings

Located in the heart of the Southside Works, The Circuit Center and Ballroom offer a modern & elegant ballroom experience with best-in-class catering provided by Fluted Mushroom. The Ballroom at The Circuit Center showcases an eclectic style within a space that’s versatile for any wedding or reception party. Ideal for hosting large weddings, this venue features a roundtable layout with the ability to accommodate up to 400 guests. If you’re also looking to host your ceremony at the Circuit Center, there are both indoor ballroom and outdoor courtyard options available. The wonderful advantage of this venue is its location. Within a block radius, The Hyatt House and Springhill Suites are beautiful hotels for capturing wedding photography before your ceremony. Also, adjacent to the Circuit Center and Ballroom is the Hot Metal Bridge, offering an urban stylistic location for mid-day portraits.

Circuit Center and Ballroom Wedding

Circuit Center and Ballroom Wedding

The Hot Metal Bridge offers a wide variety of creative options for wedding portraits and often is the favored picture-taking spot for Circuit Center wedding days. Regarding accessibility, your limo driver can drop you and your wedding party off at the corner of S. Water Street and Hot Metal Street. From there the Hot Metal Bridge is only a block away. What I enjoy most about this site is its variety of backdrops & textures that contribute to a wide range of styles in your wedding photos. In addition to the gritty metal & stone textures of the bridge, there’s also an adjacent paved walking path that’s beautifully landscaped. The covered bridge can also be an excellent contingency plan for your photos if it rains on your wedding day.

Circuit Center and Ballroom Wedding

Fluted Mushroom at The Circuit Center

The only minor downside to this location though is the amount of bicycle traffic as the bridge is a well-traveled part of a city bike trail. My recommendation would be to pad this part of your day with an extra 15 mins, just to account for any needed picture taking timeouts in avoiding bicyclists from photobombing your wedding photos. After wedding portraits are wrapped up, the Circuit Center & Ballroom is a short two block walk away. Below are some photo highlights from my Circuit Center & Ballroom wedding days.


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