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Gail & Jeff’s outdoor wedding at Succop Conservancy was a festive and fun-filled day from beginning to end. During the early moments of the day, while capturing their exchange of vows, it was clear to see the outwardly heartfelt connection they shared towards one another. Jeff wore his heart on his sleeve as he fought back tears gazing across at Gail, just full of emotion and overcome with happiness.

After dinner, the sunset festivities kicked off with a competitive game of wiffleball that both the kids and adults picked up teams to play. This was a total first for me to see at a wedding and it was a blast to photograph! After the game had come to a close, the party moved from the grass over to the dance floor. Jeff pulled out his iPod, hooked it up to his speaker setup and just let the music play out until the end of the night. Jeff and Gail were a fun couple to spend time with as well as photograph, and their wedding day was one of my favorites this year.

(I also wanted to make a particular note of Jeff’s custom embroidered twitter name into his wedding blazer. Photo below, pretty swanky!)
Gail & Jeff, Congrats again on tying the knot! I wish you two the best!

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