Destiny Hill Farm Wedding Day | Sadie + Ryan | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Farm Wedding Day Photography | Matthew Blassey

Sadie & Ryan hosted the perfect summertime country wedding day at the beautiful Destiny Hill Farm in Washington, PA. From the outdoor open air setting amongst the two barns to lush lavender crops in full bloom, the picturesque setting that day was taken right from the pages of a wedding magazine. Sadie & Ryan planned a very casual and comfortable flow to their wedding day. After their outdoor ceremony had concluded, festivities kicked off inside & outside of Destiny Hill’s two barns as guests socialized over cocktails and children had free range to run amuck outside. The hazy warm summertime weather that evening provided an ideal outdoor setting for the guests and perfect play environment for the kids.

I had a fun day of shooting with Sadie & Ryan and I look forward to making my way back to Destiny Hill soon. I hope these photos leave a lasting memory for the two of them of just how perfect their day was. Take care guys, I wish the two of you and your lil guy the very best!

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