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My wedding season this year came to a close with Melanie & Ronnie’s special day at Destiny Hill Farm, and coincidentally it was the farm’s last wedding of the year as well. Melanie & Ronnie are a wonderfully easy-going couple as well as being just all around “good people”. Despite a little bit of rain and wind, I was still able to capture some beautifully hazy lit field portraits of the two of them. I also had a chance to see the adventurous spirit side of Melanie; after the ceremony she was dead set on getting a photo op with the farm’s donkey & horse, and she wasn’t going to let a light rain drizzle stand in her way!

The one thing that I took away from this day of working with Melanie & Ronnie was just how appreciative they were of not only each other but of being in the moment. I don’t think there was any last minute snag or even the unexpected weather that took away from the two of them enjoying their time with each other and with everyone around them. It was just a simple special thing to witness that day.

All in all the rustic country details, open aired setting and energetic atmosphere provided a perfectly picturesque setting, but, more importantly, the supporting families and tightly knit group of friends that surrounded Ronnie & Melanie were the heart & soul of the day.

Special thanks again to the two of them for allowing me in close to intimately document their special day. I truly enjoyed every moment of the day with them.

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